In the News: Burcham Solar Park Finally Happening?

MI Community SolarEast Lansing Info

By: Alice Dreger

A regular ELi reader wrote in yesterday:

“Driving to and from Burcham Hills Retirement Center yesterday and today, I’ve noticed a big change [at the solar park]! There was a sculpture out in front that looks like it’s a permanent addition. Today the field is full of solar panels completing the park. I may be wrong but I believe up to now there was only one solar panel as if to say ‘we are coming’ soonish. So ‘instant’ solar park? Is this news?”

It is indeed news! But we don’t need to bring you the whole story today, because Paige Filice brought it to us just about a month ago! Read Paige’s recent report here.

Today, we are happy to bring you a fresh photo of the scene, including the sculpture by Jim Cunningham, a photo taken just this morning.

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