Community is what makes community solar work. Local residents, businesses and institutions are leasing solar panels from East Lansing and Lansing Solar Parks. Their participation helps make possible clean, renewable energy in Mid-Michigan. Listed below are the residents and organizations currently leasing panels. They have agreed to be listed here as Solar Supporters!

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Solar Supporters


Tom Stanton and Carol Skillings
The Holdens
Christy A Jones
Tom and Paulette Sharkey
Allie and Jeff Siarto
Jim Cunningham
David & Rebecca Shane
The Bolig Family
Emma Henry & Eliott Such
Nowiski Family
Phyllis and David Grummon
Christopher Costigan
David and Paula Batch
Howard and Joan McConnell
Pat and Debbie Walton
Michaela TerAvest and Andrew Myers
Allison Emery
Gary and Dorinda VanKempen
David L. Anderson
Anna & Jerry Platte
Brian Baer
Ellen and Steve Trecha
Calabrese Barton Family
Chuck and Jenny Poor
Robin and Sharron Frucci
The Varricchiones
Steve & Carol Rall
William B. Hixson & Vivian S. Hixson
Sheila Cornfield
Andrew, Andrea, and Elliot Poole
Marcia Horan and Richard Block
The Bond Family
Sam and Kerry Singh
Karl & Gillian Olson
Jon Armstrong
Roberta McCall
Michael and Donna Rich Kaplowitz Family
Mark & Pam Meadows
Shanna and Andy Draheim
Teresa & Ralph Putnam
Sarah M. Lloyd
Rich and Kathy Burgis
Robert Nelson
Joanne Creede
Tanya, Sophia, and John
John and Diane Revitte
Karen & Jerry Jennings
Aimee Wilson
The Glass Family
Bob & Shelagh Miller
James V. & Cynthia L. Gillies
Krystle Valdovinos
Carolyn White
John and Christine English
Bob Geier
Tim Skrotzki
Nathan & Sarah Triplett
David Graff
Stan & Toba Kaplowitz
Aurora Patricia
Donna Mullins
J Canny and R Last
Jennifer Crispin
Jerry & Kathy Hollister
Beth and Kate Bryson
Peggy & Pat Wolf
Tassaro Tans Family
Brian Leodler
Sue and Cliff Haka
Marshall & Nanne Olds
Gideon Bradburd & Marjorie Weber
Kristie and David Wiggert
Susan and Mike Leffler
Carol Connelly
Schreiber family
Alex Dickson and Izabella de Barbaro
Penelope Tsernoglou
Kevin Brown & Romy Fitschen
Lisa Fine & Peter Berg
Anna Fisher
Ellen Donohue and Mauricio Fernandez de Cordova
Elaine Dierwa Fischhoff
Shaohui Zhai & Peter Magyar
Matt Dupuis
Ron Emery and Sherry Bond
Jennie Gies and Ryan Frederick
Mary Szlachetka
James R. Anderson
Robert and Carol Cukier
Joel & Arlened Sharkey
Eric and Katie Hanson
Laurie Van Egeren
Doug Bessette
Jeno Rivera & Chance Liscomb
Ian Whipp
Gayon Family
Elise M Schut
Bill & Jan Simpson
Bollman/Dorrance Family
Maurice McMichael
Joshua and Sarah Hamilton
Sandra Kusza
Borzenski Family
Gwen Wittenbaum & David Gard
Linda Losik
Dave and Kim Roland
421 Whitehills
Magen Family
Helana Nelson